Why do we need Updatebot?

Contact information is more dynamic than ever with people moving and changing jobs frequently. You need to regularly update and cleanse your contact data. Updatebot automates that process.

How do I get started?

Click here to contact one of our update experts. They will guide you through your first campaign.

How often should I use UpdateBot?

With our simple to use campaign creator the possibilities to reach your database are endless. Targeting specific groups at various times of year will maximize your results.

How accurate are the results?

We collect primary source data directly from your contacts. We then validate data against proprietary databases and public records to ensure the highest degree of accuracy.

What if we already have a team that manages our database?

We work with your existing teams to automate the manual tasks and free up your team to focus on positive client interactions and experiences.

Our database is huge can we afford to update it?

There are tremendous costs to bad data. Today your team is wasting time contacting wrong numbers, your emails go unanswered, and you spend money on printing and mailing to old addresses.

Can anyone use your system?

We vet all of our partners to ensure they are legitimate organizations sending to permissioned contacts. Our system is “Whitelisted” in order to pass through telecom systems spam filters for the highest delivery rates.

How do you secure information?

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the cloud hosting provider. We chose AWS because of their infrastructure security and uptime rates. All data transferred between systems is done using military grade SSL encyption.

How long does updating data take?

Total campaign times will depend on how quickly your contacts respond, typically campaigns are set to run for one week to ensure maximum participation.

Will you run all aspects of our campaign?

Yes, we offer both self-service and managed service options.

Can you integrate with our existing CRM?

Yes, we can automate data transfers between UpdateBot and your CRM if it has an open API.